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Winter Holiday Workshop Information

Ten Sessions Available

Monday, Dec. 21.........8:30am-1pm

Monday, Dec.21...............1-5:30pm


Tuesday, Dec. 22.........8:30am-1pm

Tuesday, Dec. 22..............1-5:30pm


Wednesday, Dec. 23....8:30am-1pm

Wednesday, Dec. 23.........1-5:30pm


Monday, Dec. 28.........8:30am-1pm

Monday, Dec. 28..............1-5:30pm


Tuesday, Dec. 29.........8:30am-1pm

Tuesday, Dec. 29..............1-5:30pm



Introductory session: FREE*

One session: $39 

Both sessions in one day: $75

All ten winter sessions: $329

during Oak Park District 97 School Break

*FREE Introductory Workshop Available!

Advance Registration Required

Limited enrollment! Apply soon!

Grades 1-5

How to participate:

  1. Choose the sessions you would like your child to attend

  2. Communicate any questions you have to director, Ileana Gomez

  3. Apply online to request your workshop dates and times

  4. Receive a confirmation email from seed for those dates and a registration form

  5. Fill out the registration form you receive with the confirmation

  6. Discuss with your child how he/she will walk to and from the seed or arrange other transportation

  7. Send your child dressed in playclothers with snack and/or lunch and a sweater (plus an epi-pen if your child uses one!)

What your child should bring:

  1. Wear playclothes, suitable for art activity and possible play at Longfellow park, if weather permits.

  2. A sweater or sweatshirt

  3. A pair of slippers to wear indoors (strongly recommended–no outdoor shoes on stage)

  4. Peanut and tree nut free snack and/or lunch (strongly recommended)

  5. *For children who use one, bring your Epi-pen





What your child will do:

It's the holiday season and we're going to have holiday fun! (Note: All holidays are celebrated at seed; all denominations are welcomed and celebrated.) Music and games will be part of the action! Each day will vary, but students will be offered the option to make holiday ornaments, print their own wrapping papers and more. Each seed workshop session will include an art presentation, an academic lesson (science, history, math and/or language),  and physical activity (including a possible visit to Longfellow Park, an 8 minute walk). The seed atmosphere is fun, active and animated with music and laughing. Expectation for student conduct is on the level of a fun day at school–we'll emphasize safety, kindness and cooperation. Once introduced to the enviroment, students will have freedom to work on projects and work that have been presented to them.Students who bring food will have the option to eat in the classroom. seed has bathrooms and a water fountain for the children's use. 

an exciting Montessori classroom where

after school is fun and every child learns.

maple seed


call 708.613.5860

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