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Tutoring at seed.

Put your hands on your brain.

Whether catching up or getting ahead, every child can benefit from personalized attention to learning. The help we offer at seed gives your child new insights and tools for success. Our hands-on methods and teaching tools lead to deep understanding. In addition to after school classes and school break workshops, Director Ileana Gómez has 30 years of experience and will work with your child, one on one, to support and advance learning. 


seed is a different way to approach education. seed tutoring is real learning, not rote learning. This is a fresh approach. Our work with your child exposes the rudiments of concepts to reveal and deepen understanding in a way that will last. The advancements your child makes will translate directly into greater success at school, and will encourage a love of learning. The seed hands-on approach is appealing and effective, no matter what your child's level of learning or previous school experience. You will see your children change and grow as they gain confidence and mastery.

Contact us for a free consultation. Scheduling packages are tailored to individual needs. We recommend sessions of 1-1.5 hours with rates from $65-$95/session. Discounts are available for pre-paid packages.

Contact Director Ileana Gómez for details.

an exciting Montessori classroom where

after school is fun and every child learns.

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call 708.613.5860

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