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Seed Summer Camp 2023

Longer hours by popular demand!

8-9 am drop off / 5 pm pickup 

  $550 per week (includes one lunch, regardless of meal plan)

  $50 lunch plan (optional; includes lunch for the entire week)

  Each week includes many field trips, crafts–and learning, too!

  Contact Director Ileana Gómez:

  After enrollment you will receive email with instructions on how to pay. A deposit of $250 is required to hold your spot, with full payment due May 1, 2023.


June 12-16 / Manmade Chicago

Rising Grades 1-4

Discover how Chicago rose up out of the prairie and lowlands along Lake Michigan to become America's Second City. Learn about the first inhabitants, the many immigrant groups that formed our unique neighborhoods, our thriving arts & culture, and the waterways that make Chicago a world class city. Learn about native peoples and crafts at the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian! Make a special visit to the Beverly Arts Center! Take a whirlwind tour of 3 ethnic neighborhoods and eat lunch in Chinatown (included, regardless of meal plan)! Visit goats and chickens in a city garden! See our skyline from a zippy speedboat ride! Enjoy a picnic, crafts and games as you explore the history of our great city.


June 19-23 / Untamed Illinois

Rising Grades 1-4

Tap into into your wild side as we spend a week outdoors with a variety of activities in the natural habitats and waterways that surround us. This camp caters to the beast in every kid! Take a canoe ride at the Marge Cline whitewater course on the historic Fox River (safely, with very experienced guides)! Scale through the treetops and romp in the treetop nets in the woods at GoApe! Pedal the pedal boats, and ride the pontoons at Independence Lake! Experience a day of ranger-led nature activities in the forest preserves! Enjoy a barbecue, crafts, and games! This will be a wild week to remember!


Learning about how water moves from River in a Box

Short video from Summer Camp 2023 outing to paddle canoes and kayaks at Independence Grove lake

8-9 am drop-off / 5 pm pick-up

Rising grades 1-4

Director Ileana Gómez goes Bigger than ever!

Pickup Time Extended One full hour for working parents

Fantastic field trips!

Safe vans with booster seats!

Art projects!

Shooting the rapids on the Fox River

an exciting Montessori classroom where

after school is fun and every child learns.

maple seed


call 708.613.5860

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