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Fun works at seed.

It starts with a welcome. 

Welcome to the work you want to do.


So fun, so engaging, so rewarding--children want to come every day.

seed makes learning fun and relevant. Instead of being forced into lessons, seed works with your child to make learning enjoyable. Most lessons are given individually or in small groups. Instruction is designed with an understanding of your child's interests and state of development. The activity at seed appeals to your child's natural human tendencies. The beautifully appointed classroom presents opportunities for children to move, laugh with peers, investigate, observe, explore and understand. seed is a constantly unfolding adventure.


The lively world of the Montessori environment is a key contributor to the success of the seed classroom. We have animals, we have fossils, we have music. Here children move and talk and laugh. Unleashing the enthusiasm of children and allowing them to interact with one another creates synergy which stokes creativity, cooperation and productivity. The dynamism of these children's interactions are deliberately encouraged. They are instrumental to the establishment of a vibrant learning atmosphere. The children's limitless imagination, in tandem with the work of the hand, leads to deep deliberation, deep learning.


Montessori materials are special; the hand and the intellect. Thoughtfully designed and pedagogically bullet-proof, the materials that Maria Montessori developed as aids to exploration are incomparable in their scope and clarity. Attractive and precise, these tools of learning provide a unique framework upon which children build their own understanding through active work of the hand and the intellect. seed uses AMI-approved Montessori materials and a host of other tools to make learning fun and relevant.


Choice. Our initial educational assessment establishes a framework and long term goals. Thereafter, the fun begins. Director Ileana Gomez will customize a plan for your child. We begin with observation and note your child's interests, inclinations and mannerisms. This is critical in defining the path. Our lesson plans evolve according to the intellectual life of your specific child and the dynamic classroom. All along the way seed presents children with key lessons which give the tools for inquiry, creativity and accomplishment. As we engage your child in satisfying work, we adjust our approach to respond to what we have learned. The work we do promotes progress as we introduce new subject matter and skills. Directors both lead and follow as the your child's needs dictate. Projects and group lessons are introduced to round out a productive experience for a typical seed child.


Everyone is accountable for good choices. Montessori calls it "Freedom and Responsibility". Children are expected to be constructive and productive during their time at seed. Each keeps a daily journal of lessons received and follow up work. These journals remain in the classroom. Work journals are an important part of the child's experience and children are taught the responsibility to log. Children meet frequently with Director Ileana Gomez, to reflect on work selection, experiences and ideas for the future. Each child at seed is taught tools for self-assessment and planning. In addition to providing the personalized record of learning, journals present an ideal opportunity for children to exercise a sense of order and responsibility. The important practices of deliberation, reflection and communication are exercised through keeping of work journals. Request a meeting with the Director to review your child's progress.


You decide when to come and go and seed makes sure it's time well spent. Things flow here. Children can arrive and depart at any time during business hours on the day of registered service. We close at 6:30pm.

With all the coming and going, all the collaboration among students, all the paint and hammers and staging of productions, for this to work requires strong leadership! Every child at seed understands that Director Ileana Gomez does just that: she directs. While he or she is here, as Director I can engage any child in lessons, at any time, without qualification. I can tell them that they need to do something or to stop doing something. seed is a joyful place where we have the habits of honest communication, forthrightness and respect but by golly, we fly right. That is to say: things are going to be safe and fun around here. That is to say: Director's discretion.

Some lessons at seed will lead to projects which last for many lessons, many visits. Other work may be completed within a single work period. Students should expect to stay at least 60 minutes. The more they come, the more they learn.

Transportation is now available from all Oak Park public elementary schools at dismissal time! 


The rules are few and the room buzzes like a hive. You are as free as you can responsibly be. It's fun here.

Why doesn't the room give over to chaos? We communicate a lot, we form a lot of community, we are responsible for our actions. We have common understandings among ourselves. We know we can count on courtesy and respect from one another.  "Grace and courtesy" was Montessori's term for it. One golden rule that says it all: Be kind to others and the environment. We'll work out the rest of the details.


seed can help with any studies, even homework from "regular school."

seed Montessori gives lessons and experiences, not grades, not homework. We offer lessons of every type, including to help with homework from "regular school". Among the many things we do, children can receive lessons to address homework and get the support they need to progress. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the director about homework issues and challenges. Homework and your child's experience with it give insights into development and opportunities to consider topics. Our seed Montessori classroom is equipped. We have materials that lay multiplication out on the rug in full hands-on color. We have cardboard and tape and scissors. We have markers and acrylic paint and we have books. We have a nice computer and there's room to work. We have it all. Children are encouraged to plan and to take advantage of seed resources to complete assignments on time. Like all work, time spent on homework is a learning time and will be logged in the seed work journal. 


A word about homework. Parents are advised to outline homework expectations clearly with their children and maintain contact with the regular school teacher as to your child's school homework progress. Parents are also advised to communicate concerns to seed director, Ileana Gomez, who is happy to help and advise. As a Montessori educational program directed at the whole child, seed stands ready to partner with your family and your regular school to promote your child's success. 


It's easy to join us at seed.

“Respect all the reasonable forms of activity in which the child engages and try to understand them."

-Maria Montessori

an exciting Montessori classroom where

after school is fun and every child learns.

maple seed


call 708.613.5860

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