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Transportation from D97 public schools available!

It's easy to join seed. Register now.


Here's what you do:

  1. Fill out the registration form. You receive confirmation from the director, Ileana Gómez.

  2. Schedule a meeting with the director.

  3. Enroll.

  4. Join our great community.




Schedule an initial meeting with seed Director Ileana Gómez.


Establish a personalized seed plan. seed looks at the whole child: academic, social, physical, emotional. Let seed help your child fulfill her/his potential.

Pay. Registration and rates are secured with payment of deposit and establishment of automatic monthly payments.

Children attend  four or five day schedules. (Fewer days are offered pending availability after membership enrollment.) Children are sent to he school office and picked up in the seed van. They start with snack from home and then get to lessons and work and friendships. Parents are asked to inform us of schedule changes. Send inquiries to


Communicate and collaborate with seed. We are partners in your child's learning and we want to work with you. Like us on Facebook and refer frequently to our page for insights into the work of the children, as well as for special workshops and events. Parents are encouraged to exercise active communication with seed  Director Ileana Gómez.


Re-enroll for the next session. At seed, lessons build and develop depth over time. Re-enroll to reap the fullest benefits of the Montessori community.Your child is about to learn more than you thought possible.

A seed has been planted at 500 Madison Street. Join us. We're happy to see you.

Withdrawal. Withdrawal requires one month written notice.

an exciting Montessori classroom where

after school is fun and every child learns.

maple seed


call 708.613.5860

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