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27 years of experience helping children grow.

Meet Ileana Gómez, the director of seed.


seed is my vision, my project, the culmination of my life's work. As an AMI-trained elementary teacher, I have been a Montessori educator since 1988. From my hometown of Chicago, to California, to Louisiana and back home again, the Montessori method has been the solid foundation of my service to hundreds of children. I have taught private school in America's wealthiest county, and in public school where 98% of the kids qualified for free lunch.  As a purveyor of Montessori, I address the development of the whole child and see each one as an individual. I meet children where they are.


After years of experience, my sense of wonder at the developing child has only grown. I value the work of the hand, and trust in the organizing power of the mind. My interest in my students is deep and long-lasting; though they may be grown or live far away, I maintain relationships with many former students and their families. (Some are Facebook friends and a few are even in my cellphone!)


I take pride in my reputation for high standards and excellent results. I have been recognized for an exceptional ability to manage challenging students. I foster in children both freedom and responsibility which form the cornerstone of a happy and productive classroom and happy, productive lives. I'm also known for a whole lot of fun!


I have interests outside the classroom, too, which invariably sneak right back through the school door. I am a sculptor and a painter.  I am married to a wonderful man. I used a chainsaw to help build our log cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I speak a good amount of Spanish and a tiny bit of French. I enjoy travel and poetry and mechanical things. During my Montessori training I developed a fascination with mathematics that lingers, still. 


I will personally direct the work of the students and will personally communicate with parents. I will personally make the time meaningful and appealing to children. Your child will want to be here, your child will thrive. Professional colleagues will be visiting teachers--Montessori and traditional, too. As our numbers grow, so will our permanent staff.  


What we do at seed has not been done after school. Come meet me and join in this new adventure. Together we will plant the seed, water and nurture it until the flowers grow and bear fruit. I can't wait to get started.




Ileana Gómez    

seed Director

an exciting Montessori classroom where

after school is fun and every child learns.

maple seed


call 708.613.5860

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