Seed Summer Camps 2021

June 14-18: 

Back to the Land

Explore wild prairies, forests & waterways!

Leave the school year behind as we get out and active, exploring the wonders of the landscape that we take for granted. See the prehistoric changes that gave us the landscape we'll hike! Kid adventurers experience our geological history through field trips, exploration, games, and experiments. Sweet Friday Funday with movie and sweet treats.

June 21-25:

Beasts, Beagles & Bugs

A call to animal lovers!

Explore the lives of fellow creatures, large and small. Visit a farm! Watch with a birdwatcher! Hike into nature for a digging day as we investigate little beasts of the wild! Meet a canine bookworm! Perfect for young zoologists of every stripe! Includes field trips, fun craft, hands-on experience and Sweet Friday Funday with movie and sweet treats.

August 16-20:

Early Lives of America the Beautiful

Meet the people who made our nation!

History comes alive through the earliest Americans, famous and anonymous, from moccasins to powdered wigs. Start a fire like Native Americans! Take a time-lapsed voyage to the New World! Make a quill pen and natural ink to write a letter of protest to King George! Field trips to the Mitchell Museum of the American Indians and the beach, to finish off the summer. Includes unique crafts and Sweet Friday Funday with movie and sweet treats.

3 special weeks

7:45-9am drop-off

4pm pick-up

For kids entering grades 1-5

Strong COVID Safety Precautions

Vaccinated Staff

Director Ileana Gomez goes big!

Multiple field trips every week!

Safe vans with booster seats!

Sweet Fridays-Scream for Ice Cream!

Art projects!

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Early Bird Prices

3 weeks: $460 per week ($1380)

2 weeks: $475 per week ($950)

1 week: $495

Sibling Discounts

Scholarships available