Learning is alive in the seed classroom.


One of the key responsibilities of a Montessori director is the preparation of the environment. Our mandate is to prepare the room to be alive. Deliberately beautiful and appealing, the classroom environment presents to the child the first view of the universe in microcosm. With the idea in mind that we must entice the children with the marvels of the universe, the shelves and the materials are thoughtfully assembled and prepared. Our Montessori classroom is equipped with a vast array of materials for exploration. We provide all the appropriate tools for creative, hands-on investigations. Each day presents new opportunities; a typical day is invigorating.


Our child-centered environment does not stop at books and traditional supplies. Fossils and rocks, a microscope, a sewing machine--they all call from the shelves of the seed classroom, saying to the child, "come and find out more." We have a stage on which to perform historical plays and skits written by the children. We have a sink and spoons that make it possible to learn about foods and nutrition. We have two bathrooms and ADA accessibility. And we have fun.


Located at 500 Madison Street in Oak Park, seed is an easy walk from many Oak Park schools and homes. We are open every school day from 2:30-6:30pm.


seed also offers special workshops, private tutoring and events, by special appointment with the director.

an exciting Montessori classroom where

after school is fun and every child learns.

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 seedMontessori@gmail.com /  500 Madison St., Oak Park, IL 60302

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